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"Thank you for being awesome. We had amazing feedback from the Consultants. They really connected with your statement and message saying you were very real, personable, warm, approachable, relatable, funny, "just like us". Thank you for everything and looking forward to working with you in the future." - Chris Cicchinelli, CEO of Pure Romance.


Keynote and Motivational Speaker

Rachel DeAlto is a high-energy keynote speaker who speaks to both corporate and higher education audiences on the topics of relationships, conflict resolution, communication, confidence, and love with a fun blend of real-world situations, sound strategies, and humorous stories. Her keynotes are a great fit for any type of audience looking to up-level their business, relationships, and their lives.

As a speaker, Rachel integrates her humor and passion to deliver the most impactful presentation possible. She draws from a decade of experience as a relationship expert and her prior occupation as an trial attorney to help others succeed in the most challenging situations.

If you are looking for a speaker to motivate and inspire, while providing attendees with tangible practical steps to change their lives, reduce stress, and improve relationships, look no further.

To book Rachel for your next event, please contact info@racheldealto.com or click HERE.



Building Better Relationships

Relationships are the cornerstone of everything – from sales to leadership to teambuilding. The strength of your relationships have a direct impact on your success. It’s often not about what you know, but who you know. This keynote provides the foundation for creating authentic mutually beneficial relationships that lead to an increase in your bottom line and your net worth.



Conflict to Conclusion

85% of employees deal with workplace conflict on some level, and a staggering 29% say they deal with it constantly. It's nearly impossible to avoid conflict altogether in your organization, but it is feasible to prevent conflicts from creating a toxic workplace. Ignoring conflict can be a costly mistake, resulting in loss of production and morale. Relationship expert, attorney, and high-end mediator Rachel DeAlto is in a unique position to help organizations resolve conflicts.



Unmasking Leadership

In a world where we all seem to wear a limitless number of masks (or Instagram filters), it is easy to hide behind a false identity. The world doesn’t have to be a masquerade. It’s time to unmask the power of authenticity and vulnerability. Everyone has a story. Everyone has struggles, insecurities, and flaws. What if we all recognized the power in sharing our truths rather than painting a picture of perfection? Through this keynote, your audience will learn how you can connect with others and reach your greatest potential through self-awareness, vulnerability, and confidence in being exactly who you are.  


Fall in Love…With You!

We begin life loving ourselves unconditionally. As time goes on, we allow external influences to get in the way of how amazing we really are. This interactive keynote brings back the love – for yourself! Rachel has coached hundreds of clients and shares thoughtful, humorous, real-life stories to help illustrate important learning lessons for student audiences. Learn how to build unstoppable confidence, make yourself a priority and make sure everyone around you knows just how phenomenal you truly are!


Additional presentation topics include:

  • Power of Positivity

  • Negotiation in Business and Life

  • Secrets of Sales

  • Kindness in the Workplace

  • Managing Millennials

  • Happiness at Work

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Sales Motivation

Rachel works with each client to deliver customized keynote presentations and workshops.

Are you a college or university? Rachel is proudly represented by CAMPUSPEAK. Email info@campuspeak.com for all your higher education sessions.




Working with Rachel as TEDxYouth@Hewitt speaker was a wonderful experience! She is incredibly smart, warm, and reliable, and truly motivating and inspirational to young people. She is the DREAM speaker!




As our featured speaker, Rachel DeAlto was an energetic, engaging, organized and knowledgeable presenter who from minute one had the packed house audience interested and entertained. Our attendees could not get enough of her wit and advice. She is amazing….




Thank you so much for speaking to my group. Your warmth and ability to switch gears to the needs of these women was incredible. You have truly left an impression on our organization. Thank you again. You are one amazing and talented individual.




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