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Rachel's TEDxHartford Talk was so captivating to the audience. She was relatable, inspiring, and motivating. So many people came up to me after the event thanking me for having her there as a speaker. She was so authentic in her talk and very easy to work with leading up to the talk. I highly recommend having her speak at any event.
-Lee Simmons, Organizer, TEDxHartford





“I liked them!”

“They get me.”

“Now that is someone I could work with.”

A 2018 LinkedIn study revealed that the #1 skills gap in the United States are soft skills including leadership, communication, and collaboration. Our networks are increasing, yet the quality of our relationships are diminishing.  It’s no secret that people will always prefer to do business with those they like and trust. Whether you are selling, leading, or building a team - relatability is an essential skill. A relatable salesperson will outsell their knowledgable but unfriendly colleague. A relatable CEO will inspire their employees to work harder. A relatable customer service representative will resolve challenges with ease.  

Being relatable means you can connect, communicate, and inspire - leading to your success and the success of your organization. Thankfully, relatability is a skill that can be learned, and your attendees will learn the art of relatability in this keynote with takeaways to improve every relationship.


  • The three steps to becoming magnetic

  • How to be authentic and connect in any situation

  • What people need to feel to trust and remain loyal to you



Imagine a leadership team that inspires loyalty and productivity.

Imagine a company that works as a cohesive unit with a high level of morale.

Imagine a sales team that creates lifelong customers. Imagine employees and colleagues that get along because they get one another.

Rachel can make that happen through relat(able) workshops and trainings.

Full and half day trainings available.

Contact us today to discuss your organizations specific needs.

Additional presentation topics upon request.

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Email for all your higher education sessions.

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A few testimonials…


From Organizers:

“Thank you for being awesome. We had amazing feedback from the Consultants. They really connected with your statement and message saying you were very real, personable, warm, approachable, relatable, funny, “just like us”. Thank you for everything and looking forward to working with you in the future.”



As our featured speaker, Rachel DeAlto was an energetic, engaging, organized and knowledgeable presenter who from minute one had the packed house audience interested and entertained. Our attendees could not get enough of her wit and advice. She is amazing….



Working with Rachel as TEDxYouth@Hewitt speaker was a wonderful experience! She is incredibly smart, warm, and reliable, and truly motivating and inspirational to young people. She is the DREAM speaker!




From AUDience Members:

“Rachel was amazing and said just the right things we needed to hear. Her message of inspiration will stick with me.”

“Listening to Rachel was beyond impactful. Hearing her share her story left me with a full heart and a driven mind. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear her speak.”

“I loved making connections. We realized how easy it is. I’ve been tired all day and now I feel energized!

“I really liked how engaging it was and how much energy you brought to the presentation. You also made it relevant & actually relatable (ha)”

“I loved how (not to be cliche) relatable Rachel was. My team and I found ourselves continuously nodding our heads and smiling along with almost every word that she said and I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear her speak. Her stories were powerful and left an imprint in my mind and heart. Rachel was definitely my favorite speaker and session at the convention.”


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