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What's Your "But You"?

I'm single. I'm dating. I have two kids. No less than four times in the past few weeks I have had people say to me, "...but you have kids! Isn't it really hard to find someone that's willing to accept them?" My own brother said over brunch that he wouldn't date a woman with kids unless the dad was completely out of the picture. Um. Thanks. The truth? It has never been an issue. Sure, those extra humans at my side don't make it easier to find love, but they aren't getting in the way of it either. I attract people who realize that me being a mother makes me a better partner. I know how to be selfless. I know how to love unconditionally. I know how to prioritize my life so that someone other than me feels safe, secure, and loved. I am 1000x a better woman because of them, and I will be 1000x a better wife.

What's your but you?

It doesn't have to be children. It could be your age, weight, an illness, a circumstance. Why allow your but you to define how you attract love? Think about what it has taught you. Thank your but you for making you who you are. Perfectly imperfect, and completely worthy of love.