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What's Your Limit?

My entire body is in pain. I just spent the weekend using muscles I haven't used in two years since my last ski trip...and it feels amazing! This weekend was all about mother/son bonding, and pushing my own limits. See that sign there? Yeah, I skied it. Five times I went down those trails, with one wipeout when I got a little too sure of myself. I was convinced I was going to be recruited for the race team....not so much.

Two years ago, I probably had the same skill set, but wouldn't even dream of touching a black diamond, let alone a double! I was playing it safe. Staying in my tidy little box that I built for myself. Those days are OVER. Sitting on the lift after my first run down these killer slopes, I realized how far I've come in two years. How sure of myself I've become, how unwilling I have become to take any crap - especially from myself.

My secrets to getting to this place aren't really secrets. I can sum them up in three: - Meditation. Quieting my mind and tapping into my inner wisdom and strength. - Acceptance. Similar to the Serenity Prayer, I stopped trying to change the things within myself and others that I could never control. - My peeps. I have the BEST circle of friends ever. They are unbelievably supportive, smart, funny, and REAL.

That's it. Really. The scary thing is I feel like I just keep growing. What's next? Heli-skiing? Maybe....

How are you pushing your boundaries to make sure you are growing? How far can you go? Where do you want to be two years from now? Start now. You won't regret it.


I am not enough.

I am not attractive enough. I am not smart enough.

I am not successful enough.

I am not thin enough.

I am not enough.

How many times a day do these words cross your mind? Why do you let someone else define your worth? How hard on yourself are you for not being "perfect'?

I'll let you in on something. There is no such thing as perfect.

No perfect life. No perfect face. No perfect body. No perfect mate.

There is life. It's messy. It's dirty. It's confusing. And it is beautiful. Just as you are beautiful.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Every single one of you have abilities, talents, and attributes that are enviable to someone else. So why think that you are in any less than enough? Why let someone else, media, or society create that doubt?

We all have our moments. My friend once said to me, "I need to know your flaws! You seem so....perfect!" I laughed. Hard. I'm far from it. If you've been reading my messages for a while, you are fully aware of that. I have my moments when I don't feel enough. I spent my childhood never feeling enough. I still battle an internal dialogue at times. So why on the outside do I appear ok? Because I took back my power. I realized that someone else's opinion of me is none of my business. I realized that I like, no, LOVE, me. I realized that for all my imperfections, I'm still pretty damn awesome. Cocky? No. Confident? Yes. Perfect? Not a chance.

The next time you feel less than, remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH.