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I honor myself.

hon·or/änər/ verb 1. regard with great respect.

I write and speak a lot about self love. Self love is the foundation to romantic love, for without a strong relationship with yourself, you can never have a healthy relationship with someone else.

But this week, I was reminded to HONOR myself.

My good friend Rebekah Borucki (you know, that chick that I keep telling you to meditate with?) gave me a reminder of how in addition to focusing on self love, we need to remember to honor ourselves.

Who knew that a small bracelet could have such an impact? It did, and it made me think of all the times I DON'T honor myself. The times when I allow others to dictate my schedule. The times when I cut myself down with negative thoughts. The times when I allow people in my world that don't lift me up.

This bracelet reminded me that I need to regard myself with great respect. ALWAYS. It is a choice. We choose to let people treat us a certain way. We choose to allow ourselves to be disrespected. We choose to allow our beliefs to be disregarded. We choose to not honor ourselves, but we must.

This week I challenge you to honor yourself.

Honor yourself with the thoughts you think.

Honor yourself with the choices you make.

Honor yourself with the boundaries you set.

Honor yourself. Always.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” ― Gautama Buddha