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Unlock Love - What did you expect?

Expectations. We all have them. Unfortunately, more often than not, those expectations can become the root of massive frustration. "I expected to find my soul mate by now"

"I expect the person I'm dating to be perfect"

"I expect him to know what I need"

Are you just over it when it comes to dating and the pursuit of love, finding nothing but disappointment?

Frustrated your relationship, wishing they could just read your mind?

Or maybe you are right in the thick of heartbreak right now.

In my last newsletter, I mentioned an upcoming event in New York. One which I urge you to attend, regardless of where you are along your love path. Single or attached, we all continue to have expectations, and when those expectations aren't met? A massive hangover.

Join me and Christine Hassler, an amazing coach, speaker, author and friend, for Overcoming Expectation Hangovers in Love and Relationships,, a workshop based on her new (amazing) book Expectation Hangover.

This isn't a seminar where you are talked at for hours and hope to get one nugget that you can apply to your life. This is an experiential workshop. Christine and I will be taking a deep dive into how your expectations are affecting your relationships and dating life.

IN THIS WORKSHOP YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: - Overcome your Expectation Hangover using unbelievably effective methods to move past disappointment to a place of empowerment. - Prevent future Expectation Hangovers by identifying the quick fixes that don’t work and the tools that do. - Forgive what you have not been able to forgive before. - Communicate your needs in your relationship in a way that your partner can understand. - Develop a game plan to meet your match, while avoiding an Expectation Hangover, including an online and offline strategy. - Establish a plan for self-care that fulfills your love of self, which is essential to finding romantic love. - Meditate to release anxiety and move into your intuition. - Heal old wounds that seem to keep getting reopened.

We all have expectations, but why have the painful side affects of a hangover if you can avoid it?

Click HERE for tickets to this transformative event. Every ticket comes with a copy of Expectation Hangover.See you there!



PS: This is an intentionally intimate venue, and space is very limited, so be sure to grab your spot HERE asap!


What Are You Worth?

I had the honor of giving my first TED talk yesterday at TEDxYouth@Hewitt. It was an amazing experience that I will forever be grateful for. An auditorium filled with minds thirsty for inspiration. A group of speakers with so much passion for their life's work that you couldn't help but feel thankful just to be in their energy. I spoke about the Power of Kindness. I talked about how kindness changed the trajectory of my life. I shared how when I was bullied in elementary school for not being "good enough", kindness from others was what made the difference between despair and hope. I spoke about how being kind to others can lead to happiness, love, and success. But I screwed up. Big time. While my talk focused on how kindness to others can change your world, I realized I missed a major point.

My talk should have been about being kind to yourself.

In my world, I hear intimate, personal, heartfelt stories on a daily basis. Clients, friends, and total strangers share things that they would never tell anyone else. I am so humbled by their openness, and heartbroken by an often common thread. There is a severe lack lack of kindness. Not to those around them, but to themselves.

"I'm not good enough."

"I don't deserve better."

"No one could love ME."

In so many words, these statements are often repeated. Why? Why are we so hard on ourselves, when we are so aware of the need to be kind to others? I may have lost an opportunity to share that message yesterday, but I am going to share it now.

Be kind to yourself first. Focus on loving you before you think about loving someone else. Realize that you are good enough, deserve the best, and are so unbelievably lovable. Demand respect, and do not settle for being treated poorly.

In case no one else is telling you this, including yourself, I will - YOU ARE WORTH IT.