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I'll Just Wait Until I'm Perfect to Date

Perfection. What is perfect anyway? I'll tell you. It's a unicorn. Yep, we are talking unicorns again, because there is NO SUCH THING as being perfect, and sadly, unicorns aren't real. No such thing and no such person. So why are you chasing perfection? Why are you putting so much pressure on yourself to be "perfect" before you feel dateable? I have 10 extra pounds on me that I am not a fan of. We aren't friends. They weren't invited, and have overextended their stay. One day they might leave, hopefully. However, until then, I am not going to stop living my life. I am not going to hide at home. There is NOTHING that it stops me from doing, other than reaching for (more) cookies. I'm not going to stop dating though.

I see singles all the time that put off dating for a variety of irrelevant reasons: I need to lose weight, I have to grow out this terrible haircut, my clothes are terrible, I hate my nose, and so on to infinity. There are good reasons to put off dating, including self-awareness and taking time to heal a heartbreak, but never something superficial.

Sure, appearances can matter, BUT your attitude far outshines your nose. My confidence and love of life make those ten pounds invisible, and if someone DOES see them, that is their problem, not mine.

Learn to love yourself as you are. Today. Not an idealized version of the "perfect" you. That version may never appear, and then where are you? There is a lid for every pot, and your lid (or pot depending on your preference) isn't going to care about your bad haircut, they are going to love your amazing heart.