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Priorities Are Powerful

I had planned to write about something entirely different this week, but the events of the past few days changed that. From the stories of chaos at Black Friday sales to the untimely passing of Paul Walker to the story this morning of a derailed train en route to NYC, I found my self-thinking nonstop about priorities and how precious our time is on this earth. How we rank our priorities has a lot to do with how we use our energy while we are here. I'll tell you one thing, those who were trampling workers and getting into fights at 5am at Walmart this past Friday don't seem to place a high value on love and kindness. What are your priorities and how do you rank them? Is it family? Love? Money? What gets you up in the morning excited to start another day? What weighs on your mind the most?

Are the priorities you truly want to make a focus in your life taking those top spots? What do you spend the majority of your resources (time, money, energy) trying to achieve?

Identifying, and sometimes rearranging, your priorities not only allows you to live a purposeful, intention-driven life, but it also plays a large role in dating. Identifying what drives you at your core can help you figure out how committed you are to finding love AND exactly who you are looking for.

Take a few minutes before you start your week, and make a list of: 1. What it is that you truly value. 2. What you are spending the majority of your time working towards. 3. What traits you would value in a partner.

Compare numbers 1 and 2, are you working towards achieving that which you truly value? Looking at number 3, how do your potential partner's characteristic's fit into your life?

Understanding what we want and need at our core can be essential to getting what we want.