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He Didn't Call, Now What?!

I met someone! A man for the first time in a long time that I thought was "babysitter worthy". A guy that showed me that there are great men in my backyard that have all the qualities that I'm looking for. Someone who is also looking for a relationship.

We had great conversation and chemistry over drinks and dinner, flirted, and daily text sessions in the days after.

And then nothing.

What?! Is this some cruel trick God? You dangle this ideal specimen in front of me and he doesn't immediately fall madly in love with me? That's just wrong!

So what do I do now?


I don't call him. I don't write him. I don't chase. I move on having learned something amazing, THERE ARE BABYSITTER WORTHY MEN IN MY BACKYARD! That's huge.

When a man his interested, he pursues. He calls. He texts. He makes plans to see you.

When a man is not interested, he doesn't.

Simple as that.

Of course the reasons as to why he isn't interested are nuanced. This guy might not want to be involved with someone with kids. Maybe he has ex issues. Maybe he just can't see himself with me. The bottom line doesn't matter.

It is SO exciting when we meet someone we click with. It is SO disappointing when it doesn't work. That disappointment must be short lived though.

There is nothing invested in this "relationship" but HOPE.

So take that hope, and continue to be hopeful that the next person you meet and click with IS interested.