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A New Year's Wish

Happy New Year! New Year's Eve is one of my favorite holidays (other than Thanksgiving). I love the focus on growth, change, and a fresh start. Starting a New Year is a great time to release anything that didn't serve you in the prior year. Thoughts, feelings, and people that hold you back? Yep, they gotta go. What thoughts did you have in 2013 that kept you from having your best year? What people did you allow in your life that kept you from growing? It is time for a re-evaluation, and there is no better moment than now.

Rituals to release these feelings can be pretty powerful. I had a couple of my favorite ladies over last weekend and we fired up the things that we needed to let go. I burned away the things that were suffocating my growth: image issues, toxic relationships (platonic and romantic), and fear. It felt amazing.

Before you go out tonight (and if you are single you should go OUT!), I urge you to take a moment to release. Start fresh in 2014 without the things that clip your beautiful wings. Simply writing "I release the feeling that _____" or "I release my need to ______" can be just as effective as becoming a wee bit of a pyromaniac. Just let. it. go.

Happy New Year my friend! Have a beautiful fresh start with limitless love and happiness in 2014!