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Two Weeks to a New Year, and a New Perspective

The saying goes, "New Year, New You" right? Well, I think the existing you is just awesome. I'm not of the opinion that starting 2014 with a feeling that you need to be completely made over is the best for anyone's self-esteem. I know it doesn't resonate with me. I am, however, a huge proponent of constantly growing and learning, which of course leads to changes within myself, but I am still me. I don't want a "new" me, I want to become the best me.

My challenge? Spend the next few weeks creating a path to become the best you in 2014. Here are some things I will be doing, and I would love if you joined in:

  • Gratitude Journal - I will be journalling every day. Writing down five amazing things that I am thankful for every night. Have more? Add them. No less than 5. Anything goes.
  • Design Your Life - You are the creator of your destiny. What do you want in 2014? A loving relationship? More fun? A better job? Write it out. What does your life look like on December 31, 2014? Who are you with? How do you feel? Why are you thankful? The more details the better.
  • Commit to You Time - This time of year is filled with obligations. Sure, some of those obligations are fun! However, that holiday party can still be a drain on your energy. You time is essential right now to get in the right frame of mind for the new year. I will be designating time every day to shut off my phone, lock my kids in the closet (kidding! I'll wait until they are in bed), and just relax.