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Stop doing this one thing, and you will be SO much happier!

Gurus.Experts. Therapists. Coaches. Your family. Your friends.

They all have something in common....they love to tell you the "right" way to do something.

The right way to handle a situation. The right choice to make. The right path to take.

I believe that many on the above list have great insights based on experience, education and innate knowledge. But guess what? I believe that you have more. More insights into your own choices. More insights in how you should handle a situation. More than anyone outside of your soul could ever have.

Do you want to have an immediate rise in happiness? Start listening to yourself.

It doesn't mean that you can't take into account the opinions of others. It doesn't mean that you can't utilize the education and experience of others to help your process your decisions. You can still value the opinion of those around you, but the end choice? It's yours.

If you know you need closure, seek it.

If you know you need to make a change, make it.

If you know that you are on the right track, don't let anyone deter you.

Sending you so much love knowing that you are wise, powerful, and amazing beyond measure.

We are all in this together.

I was recently invited to present at The Seed, a conference that promotes veganism and health. They requested that I speak on the topic of effectively communicating your passion, as many wish to promote their vegan lifestyle. It was a great experience helping to help others spread their love. The interesting thing about the talk was how frustrated people were. So many were ostracized by friends and family by their choice to be a vegan. Others felt anger when people were not able to see the benefits of their lifestyle. The lessons that came from those observations have nothing to do with your diet.

We all have a need to be seen, heard, and respected.

Imagine the negativity we could eradicate if everyone could be seen, heard and respected?

We are all in this world together, we are all connected, and we all have the power to make this world a happier, healthier and more loving place.

One of the ways I taught to spread your message with love was by example.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

If you want to be seen, see others. If you want to be heard, listen. If you want to be respected, respect without judgement. By example, we can create change.

Spread your love.