At the time Rachel and I met I was beginning to believe that I was cursed when it came to love and that I might very well be alone for the rest of my life. I had figured every other area out but was at the point of being resigned with Cupid. 3 months later, and I am in the healthiest partnership of my life. I’m so grateful to Rachel for her support and that I really do get to be with my best friend


Rachel is more than a relationship expert, she gets to the root of why you are stuck around love and blocking it from coming into your life. She intuitively has a gift! Her coaching comes with love and compassion for where you are, sprinkled with just enough tough love to help you get to where you want to be. Rachel empowers you to take chances, be bold, ask for what you want, desire most and deserve as she holds your hand and guides you there. Her quick wit, kind nature and huge heart play a beautiful and powerful role in your work with her and the results. I am forever grateful for the time I’ve had with her and truly honor, respect and cherish her as a coach, colleague and friend. She has been a gift! And I’m not returning her;)


Rachel may call herself a “Coach”, but she’s my personal “Life Whisperer”. What makes her so unique is her ability to teach you how to coach yourself through any issue. From the start, Rachel was able to read me, ask the perfect questions, and inspire insight into myself that I never knew I had.