Unlock Love Online Course

In a relationship?

Single and looking?

This course is for you.

Unlock Love is a deep dive into all of the elements needed to have the relationship you’ve always wanted. A guided self-study program that will give you all the tools you need to unlock love in your life.

- Rewire your brain for positivity - Cut the cords of attachment that are holding you back - Learn how to trust and be vulnerable - Create the vision of your ideal love, and discover how to achieve it - Step into your truth and power, and leap forward - Fill yourself with the self-love you need to have the life of your dreams

The course includes:

- Six Video Classes (Audio Available)

- A Beautiful 26-Page Workbook with Weekly Homework Assignments

- Seven Hypnosis Tracks to Guide You (Audio)

- A Yoga Workout by my favorite instructor Danielle Diamond - Access to A Private Facebook Group

- The Ability to Change Your Life


What past participants are saying:

People ask me all the time why I’m single. While it’s one of my least favorite questions, I’ve never taken the time to actively do something about it. Participating in Unlock Love, Rachel offered sound advice, helped me to navigate what’s holding me back, and provided me with tips and tricks for finding Mr. Right! Rachel’s wealth of experience, down-to-earth approach, and online hypnosis tracks have helped me to feel much better equipped to get out there and find love! Just a few weeks post-session, I haven’t yet found him… but I absolutely know that I’m on the right track. Thanks, Rachel! — Kelly
As newlyweds, Rachel’s Unlock Love class was so educational and thought-provoking. From our gratitude journal to cutting chords and release writing there was so much valuable information covered. Rachel encouraged heart-to-heart discussions that have helped our relationship grow. We highly recommend this class! — Chris and Kendall
If you are considering participating in Rachel’s Unlock Love, I highly, highly recommend you do so. You will not be sorry. Rachel is as incredible in a group learning situation as she is on television. She is wise, intuitive, smart, kind and caring in breaching difficult challenges related to our relationships, both past in present. The lessons I gauged from my time with her will carry over into so many aspects of my life. I was able to face head on relationships from my past that were carrying into the present. I have grown tremendously in so many ways. The homework assignments, readings, (and) hypnosis recordings only enrich the learning process. Rachel truly understands the relationship process and the components to have the love in your life you deserve. Take the time and make the investment, she is amazing and your life and relationships will be changed forever. I am forever grateful to this amazing woman. — Carrie
Unlock Love truly prepared me to be ready and open to love! Not only did I learn what my personal roadblocks were when it comes to love, but I now have the tools to break through those roadblocks. This course was beneficial for so many reasons...it proved to me that I am worthy of love, I am desirable and I am enough. I am ready to spread my wings and find love thanks to her. — Megan