You Don't Need Me


As a coach, it's probably not the best practice to tell people that you aren't necessary. But I'm not. Nor is any other coach, guru, therapist, podcast, retreat or book.

Not for the long term. And not as a replacement of the knowledge and guidance that you have within yourself.

We are all built with an internal guide. We KNOW things. We know when something or someone is wrong for us. We know when we are too stressed out. We know when we are on the wrong path.

Yet, so many turn that access off. We would rather have someone else show us how to feel, how to react, how to choose. It's easier that way, right? Less responsibility. Less vulnerability.

The more you ignore your inner guidance, the harder it is to hear it.

I work with people every day that have silenced the wisdom they have within. They don't need me, but for a brief moment in time to reconnect to the truth within.

When you are connected to that truth you don't need anyone - but you.

I want to give you a tool to start tapping into that inner guru. Something that can help to clear those cobwebs and strengthen the signal. It's only 6 short steps, but can have a profound impact on starting to reconnect with that unbelievably wise inner self you have within.


1. Think of a decision you need to make. It could be as simple as what to eat for dinner, or as impactful as quitting a job, moving, or ending a relationship.

2. Find a quiet place to sit. Eliminate distractions. Turn of your phone, the TV, and lock the kids in a closet (I kid, I kid - but find somewhere where you wont be interrupted).

3. Get comfortable and start connecting to your breath. 5 count breath in through your nose, all the way into your belly. 5 count breath out of your mouth. Releasing every bit of air in your lungs.

4. Repeat that breathing pattern for 5 total breath cycles (but feel free to do more - it will only relax you even more)

5. Bring that decision to mind. Ask it silently or aloud in a way that gives you a yes or no answer. For example, "Should I take the job at XYZ?", "Is it in my best interest to eat ice cream for dinner", "Should I get back together with Tom?". Ask the question. There's no wrong question to ask, and no wrong way to ask it.

6. Listen. That's it. Listen to the response that your inner guidance can give you. It could come as a word, a feeling or simply a knowing. Trust it.

Trust and consistency are the only way back to yourself. And if you use a coach, therapist, retreat or book to help you get there faster, so be it. Just don't hand over all of your power to them - you are magical.