The stronger we grip, the quicker they slip.


PictureIt happens all the time. Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. Girl really likes boy. Boy likes girl too. Girl starts getting upset when boy doesn't call every day, or make plans for every free moment. Boy freaks out and starts to slowly fade. Girl freaks out and starts to cling. Boy REALLY freaks out and runs. Fast.

I can't tell you how many times a client has relayed this story to me, regardless of the gender roles. It happens over and over and over again.

So what's the common denominator?

We all need to relax.

We all need to realize that we can't control the other person.

We all need to release the stranglehold we have on love.

I get it. You finally find someone you click with, and you want to go ALL IN. You fantasize about them writing a John Legendish song about YOU. You hold on so tight, get invested so quickly, and create a space where you can barely breathe.

Think of your budding relationship like a seed. A seed needs water to grow. What happens when we overwater a seed? It doesn't grow. The same happens when we overwater, overtext, overcall, overask, overexpect, or overanalyze a budding relationship. It doesn't grow. It doesn't stand a chance.

So give your seed the right amount of water and breathing room to grow into a healthy relationship. Relax. Stop overthinking. Release control.

Just go with it. There is magic on the other side.