Unlock Love - How to Stay Positive

I am a pretty positive person. Even when things are difficult and times are hard, I still try to look on the bright side of things. I look for the lessons, and the meaning of the hardship, instead of dwelling on the pain, anger or frustration. But that wasn't always the case. There was a time 10 years ago when I would find myself succumbing to my negative thoughts. I would find myself getting stuck in a tornado of negativity, and I would self-medicate - with exercise, or something quite less healthy, wine (though, I do love a nice malbec!).

So how did I make the switch? What changed?

This is how I became a more positive person, and as a relationship expert, I have found that positivity is one of the most important traits someone can have to attract a relationship, and to keep the one they are in healthy.

1. Step out the Tornado - You KNOW when your life feels negative, chaotic and toxic. I know I did! So I stepped out of the tornado. Half the battle in remaining positive is surrounding yourself with positive people and living a positive life. Take a minute to assess your relationships, work life, and home life. Are there changes that need to be made? Boundaries that need to be set?

2. Become Aware - Self awareness is an amazing tool for positivity. Start to note when you are thinking negative thoughts, and fill your brain with their alter egos instead. I have my clients create a negativity journal where they begin to track their negative thoughts, and find a way to spin them positively - ie. "I am such a failure" becomes "I am growing and learning". Write them down, and reframe them.

3. Find the Lessons - EVERY negative experience has something to teach us. Nothing is put in front of us unintentionally. Bad relationship? So, what did you learn? Failed business? Tell me, where was your growth? Learning to look at things from the perspective of growth and evolution as opposed to failure is key.

It is a practice, not a light switch, but with time your light will shine brighter than your dark.