Do you trust me?

Trust. It's such a fragile state. Once it's broken, it is extremely difficult to repair.

We so often talk about the trust of another, but what about the trust of ourselves? What happens when we lose our own trust?

I have a client that second (and triple) guesses every decision she makes. You know why? One time she made the "wrong" decision. One that caused her pain and frustration. It took her two years to shake the sadness. As a result, she no longer trusts herself to act in her own best interest. Sure, that one decision may have led down a tough road, but what about her current state? How much stress and frustration is she causing herself?

There is no decision you cannot make on your own when you trust yourself.

The person to date. The house to buy. The job to take. The jump to make.

So how do you regain the trust of self? I would argue in the same way you would regain it of anyone whom you no longer trust...

▪ Keep promises - If you commit to doing something, do it. No excuses. Even something as simple as "I will take a walk today" is a promise that must be kept. Perhaps it is more weighty - "I will set boundaries". Either way, the importance is in the execution. ▪ Be nice - to yourself. We tend to trust kind people. Why? Because we don't think they will hurt us. It works internally too. Eliminate that negative self-talk and internal punisher. Be kind. To you. ▪ Believe in now. There are no mistakes. You never made a "bad" choice. You made choices. You learned lessons. All that there is now is room to grow. Bring yourself into the now. Stay present. Live from today, not yesterday.

Forget trusting me, trust yourself.