What’s Your Limit?

My entire body is in pain. I just spent the weekend using muscles I haven’t used in two years since my last ski trip…and it feels amazing! This weekend was all about mother/son bonding, and pushing my own limits. See that sign there? Yeah, I skied it. Five times I went down those trails, with one wipeout when I got a little too sure of myself. I was convinced I was going to be recruited for the race team….not so much.

Two years ago, I probably had the same skill set, but wouldn’t even dream of touching a black diamond, let alone a double! I was playing it safe. Staying in my tidy little box that I built for myself. Those days are OVER. Sitting on the lift after my first run down these killer slopes, I realized how far I’ve come in two years. How sure of myself I’ve become, how unwilling I have become to take any crap – especially from myself.

My secrets to getting to this place aren’t really secrets. I can sum them up in three:
Meditation. Quieting my mind and tapping into my inner wisdom and strength.
Acceptance. Similar to the Serenity Prayer, I stopped trying to change the things within myself and others that I could never control.
My peeps. I have the BEST circle of friends ever. They are unbelievably supportive, smart, funny, and REAL.

That’s it. Really. The scary thing is I feel like I just keep growing. What’s next? Heli-skiing? Maybe….

How are you pushing your boundaries to make sure you are growing? How far can you go? Where do you want to be two years from now? Start now. You won’t regret it.


I chopped it all off…

My hair that is. You see, for years I’ve had extensions. You know, that fake (well, actually it’s real, just not mine) hair that everyone on TV has? I got it a few years ago. My hair was always thinner than I wanted (why couldn’t my legs have that problem?!), and when I started doing TV regularly, I decided I might as well join my cohorts in enhancing what God didn’t give me.

I’m over them. Sure I think they were pretty, and made me feel more feminine and confident, but they also made me insecure at the same time. Having to tell my boyfriend to be careful of them, worrying that someone would see them if it was windy out. One day last week they just started to come undone, and I realized it was time to let them go.

I’m just fine the way I am. I don’t need extra hair to feel amazing. My hair doesn’t define me. It’s just an accessory. Don’t get me wrong, I am a proponent of doing what you need to do to feel good about yourself. Sometimes that’s permanent, and sometimes it’s temporary, like extensions. I needed them at the moment to feel confident on TV, but now I know all I need is within me. My knowledge (and hopefully my sense of humor) is why I’m there.

So I’m releasing a crutch, and it feels awesome. What’s your crutch? What are you using to boost your self esteem that may not truly be a part of you? Ever try going without it? Even temporarily? It’s pretty liberating.

Retreat to Move Forward

Every morning this week, this was the view as I stepped out of my villa. Eat Play Love in Puerto Rico was an amazing experience filled with beautiful participants that were even more amazing than the views.

Getting away from it all (with spotty internet), made me recognize so clearly our tendency to move at lightning speed and intense direction without pause.

How often do we step back and appreciate what’s around us? Even if it isn’t palm trees and beaches, there is beauty to take in everywhere.

Allow yourself to enjoy the journey. Life isn’t about a specific destination, but what we learn along the way. Goals are amazing. They keep us on our path, give us hope, and create motivation. However high your goals are, never lose sight of the lessons along the way. Take a minute to retreat. Observe. Appreciate.

I’ll be spending the rest of my night journalling the lessons that I have learned this week. My goals are high and plentiful, but the ride to get there is just as important.

Sending you so much love and light!

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March 20-22 – Girlfriends Getaway Retreat – Save the date for this sure to be awesome experience. Join yogi extraordinaire Laurel Attanasio and I for a weekend at the amazing Sayre Mansion for daily yoga, sessions on love and relationships, self-love group hypnosis, mini facials, and more. The perfect getaway with your girlfriends to rejuvenate and get ready for spring!

Suffering from a holiday hangover?

I think I have a hangover. No, not from alcohol, I chose to eat my calories this week. I have a love hangover. Even if you are single over the holidays, the time with friends and family can be overwhelmingly filling. Being surrounded by people who love and care about you, exchanging gifts, and sharing many (overly indulgent) meals together is an amazing gift of the holiday season.

The tough part are the days after. Like me, I’m sure you want that full of love feeling all year round! Who wouldn’t?

So this week I am going to nurse my hangover with self love. What does that look like? Glad you asked!

My hangover prescription:
– Move your body daily – I don’t know about you, but I am nearing a sugar overdose with my mom’s cookies. My goal is to move every day. Not just because I want to fit in my jeans, but because working out is the most natural mood booster. Even walking 30 minutes a day can change everything.

– Gratitude journalling – I’ve been slacking on this, and during a season where there is SO much to be grateful for! Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I’m going to use one of my Christmas gifts (thank you Bex!), to reflect on all of my blessings. Every day.

– Be compassionate – I’m always talking about compassion for others, but it starts with us. Understand that it’s ok to be bummed out on occasion. Don’t beat yourself up for past choices. Give yourself a break, and be as loving to YOU as you are your best friend.

– Stay hopeful – I know that my life is meant to be amazing, and filled with amazing people. Stay hopeful that God is conspiring in your favor. It may not happen on demand or along your timeline, but it WILL happen.

Sending you so much love!

PS. I’m offering a New Year’s Jumpstart program for all who want to start 2015 off in the best possible position to find love. My goal is to remove the blocks that are keeping you from finding and keeping amazing love through a combination of techniques including hypnotherapy and traditional coaching methods. We will also create practical tangible plans to put you in the best position to meet your partner.

Through December 31st I am offering a limited number of jumpstart packages, which includes 3 coaching sessions, an online dating profile review/rewrite, and 6 weeks of text/email access for $697. Email info@racheldealto.com to secure your spot!


What no one is telling you about dating.

I work amongst a sea of colleagues, many of which I hold in high esteem. However, the dating “industry” is flawed. So many are trying to sell a magical solution. A way to solve all problems in 6 weeks, 3 months, a weekend… Just read this book, take this class, attend this retreat and all your worries will leave you. Even more, Mr./Ms. Right will arrive on cue.

The problem isn’t that they don’t believe that it can happen, or that it won’t work for some, it’s that it will never work for all.

Just like diets, there is no one size fits all advice for dating. We are all so intricately different. Our emotions, our reactions, our desires. All so varied.

So here’s the secret….there is no secret formula that we have and you don’t. We don’t have a magic wand to create chemistry, the perfect opportunities, or love.

All I have as a coach is the ability to work with you to discover what within you would create the best environment for love to grow. That’s it.

My “secret” formula? It’s not so secret. I truly believe that lasting healthy love comes down to three things. There’s no guarantee that the man or woman of your dreams will knock on your door when you’ve completed them, but you’ll be ready if they do.

So here they are:
– Learn to love yourself
– Be open to love from others
– Release attachments of an expected outcome

Everything else? It’s marketing. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. We have no control over when love arrives in our life. It’s magic. All we have is the ability to put ourselves in a position where it will stay.

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