Month: November 2014

Unlock Love – How do you know when it’s right?

Love. It’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it? We are all having a human experience, seeking companionship. It’s a biological and psychological desire, but its entirely illogical.

Love is scary. When you are ready to expose your heart to someone, letting them in with the understanding that it could be broken at any time is terrifying. Even when it is right. The healthiest relationships are not without fear.

So how do you know the relationship is right?

How do you know when it’s worth exposing your heart?

When do you know that your fears are worth fighting through?

When you find peace.

Peace in knowing where you stand, at all times. Peace in knowing that they treasure and will protect your heart as much as you do theirs. Peace in knowing that you are on a path together, growing indefinitely.

I see so many in a cycle of anxiety. Allowing themselves to be held hostage by the inconsistent affections, attention, and love of another. Questioning whether the relationship is worth their time. Questioning themselves.

Love doesn’t make you question yourself. Love doesn’t cause pain. Love brings peace.

I not only wish you love, I wish you peace.

Unlock Love – Feel your way out.

Throughout my career as a coach, I have had many transformations. When I began my practice, it was all about advice. What could I tell someone to do to make their lives better? What advice could I give that would lead them to the goals they desired? How could I direct them so that they avoided “mistakes”? It wasn’t terrible. People made progress. But I was frustrated. What I realIzed for my clients and myself is that there is no one path that works for all. Like food, not every diet nourishes every body. Advice works for some people, some of the time. However, I found something that works for ALL people, ALL of the time! That was the revelation, and knowing that beyond a doubt…

All of the answers are within you.

Every single one.

It’s the reason I have been pursuing a certification in hypnotherapy (and will begin incorporating it as a tool in my coaching). It’s why my coaching focuses far less on practical advice than ways for you to look inside to find the answers that allow you to reach your goals.

Don’t believe me? Feel it out.

Take a minute when you have a decision to make, or are wondering what path to take, and ask yourself. Get quiet. Ask the question. Be open, and listen. What feelings do you get when you ask yourself your question? When you feel that feeling, ask yourself why you feel that way? The more aware you are of how powerful and brilliant you are, the clearer the answers will be, and the less you will need me or anyone else to help you find out what you already know.

The answers are all within you. You just have to believe and listen.

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